Category Main Parts Name Warranty Period
Basic Parts Body in white frame assembly 10 years/200000 KM
Longitudinal beam assembly
Cross beam assembly
Door assembly
Core Parts Vehicle controller assembly 8years/150000 KM
Motor controller assembly
Drive motor assembly
Battery pack assembly
High voltage relay
BMS system
General Parts Vacuum pump assembly 3years/100,000 KM
Vehicle-mounted charger assembly
Electric air conditioning compressor assembly
Electric steering column with intermediate shaft assembly
Mechanical steering gear with tie rod assembly
External harness charging port assembly
MCU power cable assembly
Slow charging port and harness assembly
HVAC assembly
Electronic water pump assembly
Reducer assembly
Radiator assembly
Gas spring body
Condenser assembly
Cooling fan assembly
Radiator fan assembly
Indoor floor harness assembly
Audio/video host assembly
Instrument cluster assembly
Headlamp assembly
Tail lamp assembly
Rearview mirror assembly
Front dust damper cover
Vacuum tank
Brake caliper assembly
Brake drum
Brake disc
Tweeter assembly
Coil spring
Lower swing arm assembly
Constant velocity universal joint drive shaft assembly
Rear shock absorber assembly
Front strut assembly
Glass assembly
Power assembly frame beam assembly
Consumable Parts Class A: 1 year/20000 KM
Smart key battery
Class B: 6 months/5000 KM
Brake friction plate
Filter screen
Wiper blade
Fuse and common relay (excluding control unit)