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Crossover & Fastback Design Smooth Powerful Elegant Agile

  • Dolphin streamline with low wind resistance
  • Hawk-eye laser headlights
  • Suspended roof
  • 4070 mm length
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  • Sporty rear spoiler
  • Laser engraved rear tail lights
  • Laser high-mounted brake light

User Benefits

Delicate and beautiful appearance, effective avoidance of rear-ending, and improved driving safety

Ext2 Img
  • Hawk-eye laser headlights
  • Hawk-eye laser LED daytime running lights

User Benefits

Sharp and powerful, concentrated light, long irradiation distance

Ext3 Img
  • Dolphin streamline with low wind resistance
  • Fastback design
  • Suspended roof
  • Double waist line running through the front and back

User Benefits

The appearance is intelligent and smooth, pleasing to the eye. Low energy consumption and long endurance

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  • INS diaphragm handcraft imported fron Japan
  • View - Technological geometry texture
  • Touch - delicate quality

User Benefits

Eco-friendly and exquisite, high-end luxury, delicate touch

featured-back Img
  • Support the overall reclining of the rear seats
  • Expandable volume upto 552L
  • 335L = 25 boxes of mineral water or 6 24-inch trolley cases

User Benefits

Large trunk volume, worry-free travel

featured-seat Img
  • Sport style leather seats
  • Encircling wrapping design
  • Breathable perforated seats
  • Hand stitched

User Benefits

Adopting a sports-style shape, the pressure distribution of the vehicle seat is developed against the standard of Mercedes-Benz, and matched with high-quality seat fabrics to create an ergonomic zero-gravity seat
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Lights-sensing Automatic Headlights

  • According to the light sensor to adjust the charge of brightness, so as to control the automatic lighting or extinguishing of the headlights.
  • When the day grows dark, many drivers neglected to turn on the headlights, and often thought of turning on the headlights only when the vision was very poor, and this move has serious safety hazards.
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ESC Electronic Stability Controller

  • Analyze the vehicle's driving state from various sensors, and then send correction commands to ABS, EBD, etc. to help the vehicle maintain dynamic balance
  • It can maintain the best stability of the vehicle in various conditions, which is more obvioius in the situation of oversteer or understeer
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HEPA N95 grade filter + air conditioner filter lifespan reminder

  • The filtration efficiency of particles with a diameter greater than 0.3um reaches 95.8%, effectively filtering small particles pollen, dust, benzene, ammonia, viruses and bacteria in the air and other harmful gases.
  • Remind the filter status in time and provide "N95 level" protection standard

High temperature cooling function

  • Thermostatic liquid cooling system
  • The maximum temperature is less than or equal to 45 degree celsius, to ensure that the battery is always in a suitable temperature range, improving charging efficiency and battery life
  • Cooling temperature difference less than or equal to 3 degree celsius to ensure battery temperature consistency
  • Cooling energy consumption less than 5%

Low temperature heating function

  • Heating rate more than or equal to 0.8 degree celsius/min, quickly raise the battery temperature to a suitable range to ensure charging efficiency
  • Heating temperature difference is less than or equal to 5 degree celsius to ensure battery temperature consistency
  • Heating energy consumption less than 5%

95% constant temperature ratio

  • 15-45 degree celsius thermostat accounts for 95%

User Benefits

Adopt the self-developed HEPT 3.0 thermostatic battery management system, with automatic high temperature cooling, low temperature heating functions. Keep the battery in the best working condition

V2L External Discharge Function

  • As a power bank during outdoor activities
  • Provide electricity for small electrical appliances
  • The maximum external discharge power at 3.3kw

User Benefits

Enjoy spontaneous outdoor camping & barbecue with full electricity power

Zero Buttons

Zero Buttons (ride and go without buttons)

  • Same design language as Tesla Model 3
14.6-inch central control touchscreen

14.6-inch central control touchscreen

  • Full touch capacitive screen
  • 1920*1080 HD resolution
Phone Projection

Phone Projection

  • Project the mobile phone navigation, music, phone calls, etc to the central control screen , through which the mobile phone can also be operated
  • Support Android, Apple system

The Intelligent Safety Vehicle NETA

Smart Entertainment

Smart Entertainment

  • Zero buttons (start and go without buttons)
  • 14.6-inch smart central control large screen (witch edition)
  • AI intelligent voice interaction
  • V2L external discharge function
  • Full Scene remote control
Trendy Appearance

Trendy Appearance

  • Dolphin streamline with low wind resistance
  • Eagle eye laser headlights
  • Minimalist tech interior
  • INS diaphragm process
  • Ergonomic Zero Gravity Seat
Intelligent Security

Intelligent Security

  • N95 class cockpit
  • 63% high-strength steel cage body
  • HEPT 3.0. Battery Management System
  • EPB Electronic Parking System
  • AutoHold automtic parking system
Battery Life

Battery Life

  • The same-level ultra-long 380km NEDC battery life
  • Maximum torque 120Nm
  • Extreme acceleration 0-50km/h for < 3.9s
  • Battery pack IP 67 rating

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